Tutorial on how to test the Polka.Domain APP

Test the Polkadomain APP:

Claim test tokens by visiting the faucet at https://app.element.io/#/room/#polkadomain-faucet:matrix.org,

Our Progress


  1. Further enhanced responsive pages
  2. Optimized overall user experience
  3. Exported the content as JSON files in preparation for internationalization


  1. Upgraded code dependency library to polkadot-v0.9.10, that supports XCM V1.
  2. Connected to the XToken module
  3. Realized cross-chain asset transfer between the relay chain and the PolkaDomain chain
  4. Further developed cross-chain test scripts, the configuration of cross-chain fees, and the verification process of cross-chain transactions.

About Polka.Domain

Polka.Domain is the interoperable and decentralized blockchain naming service with an integrated domain and NFT marketplace built on Polkadot.

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