Introducing Polka.Domain — NFT your digital identity

2 min readApr 2, 2021


Polka.Domain is an interoperable and decentralized blockchain naming service with an integrated domain and NFT marketplace built on Polkadot.

Features summary

  • Decentralized domain name service built on Polkadot. Exchange, transfer, and auction domains
  • Domains as NFTs
  • Hexadecimal wallet addresses converted into domain names, users can make on-chain transactions with domains
  • Cross-chain interoperability provided by Polkadot
  • Domain & NFT marketplace

Project flowchart

Current status of the project

We have deployed our testnet! You can participate and test here. In the beginning, Polka.Domain will be using its own EVM compatible smart contracts in our own empowerment for development and testing. The deployment timeframe on mainnet depends on Polkadot development progress as Polka.Domain is planning to have its own chain.

Users will be able to obtain and exchange Polka.Domains soon. Details about token, private and public sale will be published in the upcoming days.




Take ownership of your digital identity and assets.